Daredevil (1964-1998 1st Series) Annual #1

Published by Marvel - September 1967

68-page all-new giant-size issue (no reprints). "Electro and the Emmisaries of Evil!" Script by Stan Lee, pencils by Gene Colan, inks by John Tartaglione. Back-up features inclue "Inside Daredevil" (2 pages of "far-out facts"), "An Explanation" (two pages about Mike Murdock), "Blueprint for an All-Purpose Billy Club" (one page), "At the Stroke of Midnight" (three pages showing Lee and Colan in a story conference), and pin-ups of Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, Ka-Zar, Daredevil, the Gladiator, the Leap-Frog, the Owl, and the Masked Marauder.. Colan/Frank Giacoia cover. Cover price $0.25.

Quality: Near Mint-
Price: $199.95