Justice League of America (1960 So Much Fun! Reprint) #217

Published by DC - 1987

2nd printing. Reprints Justice League of America 217 with an altered cover. The cover image on the original Justice League of America 217 is made to look like it's jumping off the page at the reader. The So Much Fun! reprint does not have the same effects. Also, the image of the super-heroes is smaller than on the original cover. The UPC box is not on the reprint and, in its place, is a So Much Fun! box. The Justice League of America logo is also different, as the one on the reprint edition is the more current JLA logo that is found on the Justice League "Detroit" issues. There were only 5,000 copies of this and other So Much Fun! reprints, which were sold exclusively by distributor So Much Fun! to gift shops, such as card stores. These were packaged in bags of three. So Much Fun! randomly picked issues for reprinting. DC Comics had to do some production work on these, due to the changes on the covers, however, it is not known who changed the covers to reflect the newer additions. Cover price $1.25.

Quality: FN/VF
Price: $79.95